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Late 2015, I happened upon a book by CC Wood, Bite Me, the first book in the Bitten Series. It’s a vampire based book, yes I know, shocking. From there, began my obsession with her writing. Ya, there are a lot of PNR, Vampire based books out there and a lot of them, are well, cheesy.

That is NOT  the case with CC Wood’s works. 

Her Bitten series ended with Bite the Bullet featuring Shannon and Asher and it was bittersweet. It was so good but I knew it is the last book in the series and it was hard to say goodbye. Even though I was left with a ton of questions, may or may not be a little obsessed lol, I knew that if she were to continue with the series, it wouldn’t be the same. Once a series has a plethora of books, you tend to get bored and to be honest, I have quit a series by another author due to this.

Pick up your copy of Bite Me! It’s free for kindle edition and be sure to leave your review when you finish!

When she announced that she was working on a spin off series, I was overjoyed and she did not disappoint. Blood and Bone picks up with Lachlan and Chloe. While this is definitely shifter based, you can’t help but love it. I am a vampire lover through and through but CC has managed to hook me into the shifter area of PNR. Maybe it has something to do with biting in general but I tend to think it’s CC’s way with words. Pick up your copy and read my review on Amazon.


“Born and raised in Texas, C.C. Wood writes saucy paranormal and contemporary romances featuring strong, sassy women and the men that love them. If you ever meet C.C. in person, keep in mind that many of her characters are based on people she knows, so anything you say or do is likely to end up in a book one day.

A self-professed hermit, C.C. loves to stay home, where she reads, writes, cooks, and watches TV. She can usually be found drinking coffee or wine as she spends time with her hubby, daughter, and two beagles.”
If vampires/shifters/witches aren’t your thing, she has a great ghost series called The Wraith Files. Romance, humor, sarcasm and suspense all rolled into one.
She has 2 books in the series so far!
She also has an office romance series that I absolutely love! Well, really, I have read almost everything she has written and I have yet to be disappointed! You can order signed books from her right now! The ordering window isn’t open long so hurry!
Please find her on Facebook! If you find yourself just as obsessed with her writings as I am, be sure to join her readers group!
While I wait for book two in her new series, I have read A Ghost in the Glamour: Linx and Bogie by Elizabeth Hunter, which is a short, fun read about a young medium and her ghost. Full of humor and sarcasm! Next up to read is Nancee Cain‘s  The Resurrection of Dylan McAthie!  If you remember, I reviewed Nancee’s work in a previous post. Check it out if you missed it! She also has a readers group, so come join!
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GReid Customs

Since my last post entailed the talents of Mr Reid, I thought this would be a good time to share his hobby; future full time job hopefully.

PC: Chantell Reid Photography

Due to his day job hours, he is left with a very limited amount of hours to devote to his craft. He uses 99% reclaimed materials and doesn’t have the fancy, elite equipment, making him extremely hands on throughout the entire process.

Hand filing!

Lots of hand sanding goes into each knife.

Makers mark in progress


The client wanted his first hunting kill shot shell recessed into the pummel. 



Initials are engraved by hand with a full polish!

Blades are taped to protect them while handle work is being done.


Tactical Knife

If you are interested in seeing the finished products, please head over to his website, GReid Customs. He is also on Instagram! Like I mentioned before, he doesn’t currently have a lot of time to devote to his craft so if you are interested in placing an order, there is a wait list already. BUT, it is worth the wait!!!


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Weekend Project The Ultimate Reading Nook

A while back on a random Pinterest search, I stumbled across an amazing reading nook. Well, that is what I refer to it as. Anyway, I fell in love but sadly, I couldn’t figure out where the heck I would put it in our already crowded house.

Source credit beyond Pinterest

Then, my health decided to demand my attention and I have to have knee surgery the first part of May; 6 weeks of crutches and extremely limited stair use. We don’t have full size couches downstairs, so sleeping downstairs didn’t look promising. I took the opportunity to sweet talk Mr. Reid into making something similar and slightly smaller.  Cost was an issue but that is no surprise; I was quoted over $700 to have someone else make it. There was no way!

So, Mr. Reid did what he does best and sourced out as many materials as he possibly could. He used wood from previous household projects, pallet wood, different screws… I didn’t want it to look shiny new and didn’t want to wait to stain it either. Yes. I’m impatient. I opted to surface burn it all with a torch and my kiddos helped with distressing the wood.

Basic frame is assembled. He used Lag Bolts to bolt the platform frame and the legs together. (Home Depot $.50 each)

So far, all wood is re purposed wood. 

Roof is going on!

The roof is the one major purchase. We bought 20, fir fencing slats(Home Depot $59).

You can see the back and the front arching here. 

Because we used random wood, it wasn’t aesthetically appealing. I used an old duvet cover to cover the back. 

These are some detail pieces that I purchased from Home Depot. I surface burned them and then stained them with some deck stain we already had. (Cost, Home Depot approx $12 total)

Here is the finished roof with metal strapping attached. He pin nailed the slats in place, which was a tricky pain in the ass.

 It’s coming together. Just needs lights, mattress, bedding..

Lighting going in! (Home Depot $24.97 I think) You can also see a rope looking trim added to the underside of the front arch (Home Depot $13.97)

Slid into its new spot. Raven, our senior cat had to explore.

Needs a twin mattress now. Mr. Reid also needs to finish hanging the lights. I also added the lace valance to tie together the back wall and give it a more finished look. 

We are still lacking a mattress but we pulled some foam padding from our camp trailer, along with some bedding. 

My oldest is the first to try it out and of course, the dogs had to join. 

It’s done! A dear friend of mine gave me a pillow top, twin mattress. I slept here last night and it was PERFECT! Just need more decorative pillows. I owe a huge thank you to her and to Mr Reid for his time and skills to get this done so quickly.

When Mr Reid isn’t working on his “honey do” list, he is busy working and making knives. Please check out his website, Greid Customs!

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Film is Not Dead. It’s Making a Comeback!

If you are a photographer, or you were interested in photography growing up, chances are you have shot film. Remember those 110 cameras? How about the Polaroid cameras?? Man. I LOVED my Polaroid when I was a kid. I actually own one now, a vintage Kodak, had it cleaned and updated to a rechargeable battery, only to have Fuji Film discontinue their instant film. And yes, I know they have the modern version but I hate how small the slides are.


One of my first Polaroid shots with my vintage Kodak. Model: Jessi

In the past few years, I was given a Bronica SQ-ai medium format camera. Shooting a manual focus lens was so different than the auto focus of my DSLR. Film loading is way easier than that of a 35mm, which I can honestly say, I struggle with. Eventually I would like to add a 35mm to my gear, but for now, I will stick with my Bronica.

Shooting digital creates a laziness and you take for granted the instant gratification. You shoot and either have it tethered so you immediately see your image or you simply have to wait until you get home and upload to your computer. Shooting film, you are forced to frame your shot, take into account all details of the location, light and model because you get one shot. You of course can take another shot but it’s going to cost you.

Shooting film is not necessarily an affordable route and if you need a quick turnaround, it probably isn’t for you. To send in 5 rolls to Indie Film Lab, processed and to send my negatives back, I spent just over $70 in total.

Model Lydia/Expired Ilford b/w 120/ Indie Film Lab

As you can see, my focus was NOT even close and was shot way too dark. But I still love the buttery softness of it. 

Model Lydia/ Expired Ilford b/w 120/ Indie Film Lab

With today’s technology, you send your film off to be processed and they digitally send you your scans, making further edits a possibility. I decided to process this through Lightroom for a different effect. 

Family Reunion 2016/Kodak Portra 400/ Indie Film Lab

These 2 are digital images, processed with film presets. 

I still consider myself an amateur film photographer. As far as digital goes, it is a forever learning process so I don’t think one can ever truly master it.

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Tempting Jo by Author Nancee Cain Book Review

Growing up, I was anything but a reader. I hated everything about it. My mother had to help me cheat my way through all the required books in school by settling to read the first, middle and last chapters for book reports and tests. As an adult, I LOVE to read. I get overly irritated when anyone interrupts me when I am reading.
Facebook. I am guilty of wasting precious time scrolling through the never ending nonsense but it is a necessary evil! I stalk, I mean follow, a lot of my favorite authors via social media and I love that it provides a way to connect and interact with them on a personal level. Author C.C. Wood is an author that I love. She wrote The Bitten Series and being vampire obsessed, it’s literally one of my all time favorite vampire series. Now, what does this have to do with this particular review? C.C. Wood was doing a “takeover” in a Facebook group called Cain Raisers. Naturally, I joined the group and was so very happy I did.

Forbidden love is hell…

“Confident and quirky, Jo Sanford thinks her boss is God’s gift to women–and she couldn’t be further from the truth. Devilishly handsome, Luc DeVille will stop at nothing to lure his administrative assistant right into his arms–and bed.
Over Rafe Goodman’s dead body…
Rafe, Jo’s best friend, refuses to sit by and watch as Luc tries to win the heart of the woman he’s always protected. After all, Rafe is her guardian angel. Suddenly, Jo’s caught in the middle of a battle between good and evil. But the closer she gets to the fire, the hotter it burns. Now, Jo’s going to learn that when love battles lust, Heaven and Hell collide.”
Tempting Jo was the first book by Nancee Cain that I had the pleasure of reading. Since then, I have read it again; I loved it so much. Shortly after reading it the first time, I remembered a shoot I did of some close friends of mine that fit the book so perfectly. After sharing a couple images with Nancee, I made a teaser photo for her, using one of my images from this particular set.
Models Penelope and Odysseus 
Religion. Not something that I have really been interested in. I grew up Seventh Day Adventist but after age 15 or so, I just wasn’t interested. Nancee’s perspective and creativity with Guardian Angels, Fallen Angels, God, the Devil himself, was written perfectly! Her play on character names, Luc DeVille, instantly caught my attention. There is a perfect mix of humor, love, sex, suspense, temptation, without over doing it or leaving anything out.
For me, I am crossing my fingers that she writes more on Mr. DeVille. I’m not sure if it’s the dark attraction and temptation of sin, but man. His character demanded my attention.
“Friday” as Mr. DeVille has nicknamed Jolene, is a young, attractive single woman with a feisty cat named Atticus. Her Guardian Angel Rafe is back from a long break and comes to the realization that he is in love with Jo. Because he is on the job, keeping his emotions in check proves tricky. Seeing the struggles, He sends in help as Jo is drawn closer to temptation. Will Rafe’s love be enough to keep her safe or is Mr. DeVille just too tempting.
Nancee Cain has also written another PNR book that coincides with Tempting Jo, titled Saving Evangeline. I will review this at a later date. Both books can be read as a stand alone but really, you should just read them back to back.
She is currently working on a new book.
The Resurrection of Dylan McAthie (contemporary romance)
“At seventeen, music legend Dylan McAthie ran away from his Alabama home to chase his dreams. Years later, he’s forced to return—coming full circle to escape the nightmare his life has become. Hounded by paparazzi and plagued by the aftermath of personal and professional loss, Dylan craves some quiet anonymity so he can regroup and sort out what lies ahead.
Hired by his estranged brother, Jennifer Adams knows exactly who Dylan is. She grew up next door to his family and has followed his career. But the surly, overbearing man she’s caring for as a private-duty nurse is far from the charming boy she remembers. Nevertheless, she’s determined to be professional, do a good job—and not fail at her first time getting away from home.

As her patient heals, his demeanor softens, and their interactions grow less antagonistic. Soon their chemistry is undeniable—and inappropriate—leaving the inexperienced Jennifer thoroughly confused. Adding to the turmoil, scandal finds Dylan once again, threatening all the progress he’s made and putting Jennifer at risk as collateral damage.
It’s up to Dylan to fix what his fame has so easily broken and find a way to move forward with his life. But will his resurrection mean the death of any relationship with Jennifer?”
Please be sure to sign up for her newsletter, follow her on Facebook and Goodreads.
(clicking on the images will also direct you to some important pages you don’t want to miss out on.)

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